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How we work

We create engaging digital brand experiences through an informed, collaborative and focussed process.

Our process

We listen,
we learn and
we create

01 Discover and Strategy

A clear and compelling vision grounded in strategic thinking, to ensure your project succeeds.

Listening and learning.

We discover all there is to know about your business, brand, audience and competitors, then we distill it all into a simple project vision that gets everyone excited. Activities include user experience research, workshops and expertly reviewing your website, content, analytics and SEO objectives.

Forming a unique vision for your project

Strategic and simple to digest, your project vision typically considers content, user experience, digital brand and platform strategy.

02 User Experience

Defining the most intuitive brand experience for your audience.

Getting closer to your audience

Your goal may be to educate your audience, convert customers or build brand advocates; we craft the user experience based on how your audience wants to interact with your brand.

Visualising your user experience

Our approach is highly visual and it's holistic, meaning we consider your content and brand strategy. The process may start with scamps and always ends with a full set of wireframes, a sitemap and user stories. Everything you need to support the strategic vision.

03 Creative and brand

We take our clients to new places, adapting and extending their brands for the digital environment.

Exploring creative concepts

This is where your vision comes to life. To create your authentic brand experience, we start with visual research, moodboards and creative concepts.

Evolving your digital brand

Everything comes together to form the complete experience. Your digital brand evolves as we design your interface and create your brand hierarchy and design system.

04 Development

This is where the magic happens as we build your rich brand experience.

Bringing your brand experience to life

We transform your designs into living, interactive brand experiences. With a creative mindset and a passion for innovating and achieving technical excellence, we deliver on your vision without compromise.

Giving your team the right tools

There are no limitations as we build bespoke to your needs, be it a CMS, ecommerce platform or a technical integration. It’s about building the right tools to tell your brand story and make your team’s life simple and enjoyable.

05 Ongoing partnerships

We are your digital partner providing support, strategy and future project delivery.

Ongoing support

We offer bespoke maintenance services to suit your business. This may include small tweaks and larger enhancements based on real feedback and analytics, as well team support, service monitoring and platform updates.

Becoming your digital partner

Because we love to partner with our clients, we can continue to provide expert advice and evolve your digital strategy and brand story long after your project launches.

Why Northmost

We’re passionate brand storytellers. We take your brand to new places by creating memorable digital experiences.

Our clients love that we listen, set a clear vision for their project and take ownership.

Brand storytelling

It’s woven into everything we do; through strategy, design and development, we create tools to bring your brand alive and transform your audience into advocates. We design experiences that are distinct, immersive and authentic and make it easy for you to evolve your brand content.

Flexible and collaborative

Every brief is unique, and so we approach your project uniquely. Our senior team has an open mindset and loves being informed, which means we won't go telling you what you need, until we've listened and learned about your business and audience.

We think ahead

We aim to make a positive impact on the world and our future through the social and environmental causes we support. We also believe in building digital experiences to last and that can be extended and scaled with ease.

Our services

We evolve digital brands and design experiences and digital campaigns.

Digital Strategy

We understand every business is at a different stage of their digital journey. Whether you have outgrown an existing strategy or are just starting out, we can provide a clear, differentiated vision for your digital brand experience.

User Experience

We help you understand what your audience thinks and feels and how it engages with your brand, then we bring the right experiences to life.

Creative & Brand

Telling compelling brand stories is at the core of everything we do. An engaging user experience combined with a beautiful design increases conversions, brand advocacy and user engagement.

Development Solutions

We specialise in building brand experiences. We use open source technologies to ensure every solution we build is fully flexible. Our aim is to create the best website for your audience and the easiest CMS for your team to work with.

Digital Partnerships

The end of your project is only the beginning. We provide the right amount of support, maintenance and strategic consultancy for your business’ evolving needs.

Let's get together

Who we work with

We choose to partner with like minded organisations.

Award winning small studio

As a small team, we punch above our weight. Winner of Best Small Studio in recognition of our work - twice!

Australia Design Awards
  1. Australia Design Awards 2023 - Shortlist

  2. Australia Design Awards 2023 - Silver

Wild Design Awards
  1. Wild Design Awards 2023 - Shortlist

  2. Wild Design Awards 2023 - Silver

Melbourne Design Awards
  1. Melbourne Design Awards 2022 - Silver

  2. Melbourne Design Awards 2022 - Gold

Good Design Awards
  1. Good Design Awards 2022 - Winner

  1. W3 Awards 2022 - Silver

  2. W3 Awards 2022 - Gold

Communicators Awards
  1. The Communicator Awards 2021 - Gold

Melbourne Design Awards
  1. Melbourne Design Awards 2021 - Gold

Communicators Awards
  1. The Communicator Awards 2020 - Distinction

  2. The Communicator Awards 2020 - Gold

Good Design Awards
  1. Good Design Awards 2020 - Winner

  2. Good Design Awards 2020 - Gold

  3. Good Design Awards 2020 - Best in Class

  1. AVA Awards 2020 - Platinum

  2. AVA Awards 2020 - Gold

Driven x Design
  1. Melbourne Design Awards 2020 - Gold

Communicators Awards
  1. The Communicator Awards 2019 - Gold

  2. The Communicator Awards 2019 - Distinction

Driven x Design
  1. Melbourne Design Awards 2019 - Silver

  2. Melbourne Design Awards 2019 Gold

  3. Melbourne Design Awards 2019 Silver

  1. W3 Awards 2019 - Gold

  2. W3 2019 Silver

Driven x Design
  1. 2018 - Silver - Melbourne Design Awards

  1. 2018 - Silver - W3 Awards

  2. W3 Awards 2018 - Silver

Communicators Awards
  1. The Communicator Awards 2018 - Gold

  2. The Communicator Awards 2018 - Distinction

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